After another end of game capitulation, calls for Welsh rugby games to be shortened from 80 to 65 minutes have gained momentum.

The latest calls are in response to yet another defeat for Wales that came in the final 15 minutes of a game, this time to World Champions New Zealand.

Wales armchair coach Terry Fivebellies told WalesOnCraic:

“I can see where we’re going wrong. We’re losing it in the last 15 minutes. I therefore propose that all Welsh games are shortened by 15 minutes to put us in with a good chance.”


But critics have pointed out that southern hemisphere sides will just simply win in the last 15 minutes of a 65 minute game. One fan told WalesOnCraic:

“I think the crowd should shoulder some of the responsibility in these big matches. They’re all up for it at the start and in the last 15 minutes, their cheering all goes to shit. These people are the 16th man. They should be there for the full 80 minutes.”

Wales now face South Africa in their final game of the Autumn Internationals on Saturday 29th November.

Original story from Wales on Craic.