Many people fail to properly understand rugby and its various nuances before taking up the sport, here are 12 things potential rugby players should probably know;

1.Those big hits don’t actually hurt (much)

It’s amazing what an adrenaline rush and does of bravado can do to your pain thresholds.


2.Be prepared for it to hurt like hell the next day though

Just getting out of bed the day after a game can be a challenge in itself


3.Nudity really isn’t an issue…

…and it most definitely isn’t confined to the showers


4.DO NOT argue with the referee

No matter how wrong they are, they will always be right, arguing only makes things worse


5.Banter is mandatory

If you take offence easily you better grow some pretty thick skin as it will come from all angles

Australian Team Reception-20th Commonwealth Games 2014

6.The result will affect your whole week

Win and it will be hard to wipe the smile of your face, lose and people better give you a wide berth


7.Never offer to play prop…

…unless it’s a position you want to play as you’ll spend the next year ‘filling in’ on the front row


8.Make sure to wear proper rugby shorts

Those flimsy ones you wear to football will result in plenty of p**s taking and will probably rip


9.Make sure to grab your shirt early

Otherwise you risk being left with one three sizes too big or small


10.Proper rugby studs are a must in most conditions

Slip over wearing football boots and you will never be forgiven


11.Don’t take the warm-up too seriously

You’ll probably never make it through the full 80 otherwise

2013 SupeRugbY: Southern Kings training session

12.Beer is the best cure to everything

At least until the morning after a game