Let’s finally put rugby fans out of their misery and get liking and sharing this post to show the broadcasters that nobody can stand Stuart Barnes’ commentary anymore.

For far too long has this man been let loose behind a microphone and allowed to drone on in living rooms around the UK. Yet somehow despite a growing discontent amongst fans the guys at Sky continue to allow him to commentate on the biggest international games around.

Barnes has become the master of stating the bloody obvious whilst also having the uncanny ability of always being right, primarily as a result of stating something immediately after it has happened. Barnes adds absolutely nothing insightful despite being an ex-pro and at times in down right insulting.


He spent large parts of yesterdays England vs Springboks game insinuating that Ireland had been lucky the previous week when they beat South Africa. Despite not being Irish I find this deeply insulting to a team who performed every aspect of their game to near perfection and well and truly out-played the Springboks last weekend.

For anyone who didn’t watch the Scotland vs All Blacks game yesterday I’d highly recommend checking it out, not just for the fantastic display of rugby on show, but because of the commentary team. Andrew Cotter is a truly world class commentator who has a magnificent way with words, is affable and has a fine, dry sense of humour.

Cotter was perfectly complimented by Brian Moore who provides passion, insight and a range of valid points (especially when not commentating on England). Alternatively you only have to tune into BT Sport to see how ex-professional players can provide genuine insight into a game whilst also keeping it interesting and entertaining for fans.

So let’s all come together and get sharing this post on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can think of to try and show broadcasters that we are fed up of Stuart Barnes and his stupidity. Make sure to comment below with the reasons why you’d like to see him moved on.

Let us know in the poll below if you’d like to see the back of Stuart Barnes…

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