If you’re contemplating dating a rugby player, either male of female you may want to make sure you’re ok with these facts before getting too involved…

1. Rugby takes priority…over everything

It’s not that you’re not important, it’s just that rugby is more important than anything


2. Be prepared for cuts and bruises in the strangest of places

We have no idea how they happened but be prepared for us to regularly look like the victims of domestic abuse


3. Nothing will cheer us up after a defeat

There is nothing that will wind us up more than losing a game and unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to change that


4. We’re going to want to eat….a lot

We are always going to be hungry, especially after a game when nothing will fill us up


5. Expect to see us wearing sweat pants and flip flops most of the time

We like to be comfy after all, although we will dress up once in a while



6. Out team mates are also our best friends

Make sure you get on with them


7. We’ll love it if you come to watch one of our games

Although we’d never expect it of you


8. Learn how to give a good massage and we’ll literally do anything for you

Getting a decent massage the day after a game will put us in an unrecognisably better mood


9. We don’t expect you to love rugby

Although if you do show a genuine interest in it we’ll appreciate it more than you know


10. You better like big thighs…


11. …and for that matter big everything

It kind of goes with the territory so make sure you appreciate it


12. This makes buying clothes difficult

Hence why we spend a lot of time in sweat pants


13. Don’t question our use of supplements

They are not the same as steroids


14. We know how to enjoy a beer…


15. …although some times we may overdo it

Don’d hold this against us though


Is there anything else potential partners should know before dating a rugby player?