Reports in the Guardian over the weekend suggest they received a number of complaints ascertaining to homophobic abuse during the All Blacks game.

The report relates to abuse aimed at openly gay referee Nigel Owens during the game after a number of fans criticised a number of contentious decisions.

The Guardian reported that they received a number of letters following the match, including some about homophobic abuse directed at Owens.


“As a lifelong rugby fan, a straight man in his 60s, I could not believe that a bunch of men half my age watching a rugby match in the 21st century could be capable of hurling such nasty, foul-mouthed, racist, homophobic abuse at an openly gay match official,” Keith Wilson of South Yorkshire wrote to the Guardian.

“My equally disgusted son is in his 30s but next to him, hearing this vitriol, was a little boy. I felt ashamed.”

Wilson suggested that “if it had been a football match they’d have been thrown out”