Even if you don’t like rugby you can always join us  for the socials, because let’s face it, rugby socials are unrivalled. Here are 15 other things that may persuade you;

1.”You play rugby?” will be a typical response

You don’t have to be big and butch to play rugby you know!

2.Scrum caps and mouth guards do not make for attractive accessories…

…no matter how hard you may try, if you want to look cute go play netball!

3.Playing rugby does not make you a lesbian

Hard to believe I know 😉


4.You will end up drinking stupid amounts of alcohol

Start as you mean to go on hey!

5.Cattiness does not exist

You’ll find yourself becoming friends with all your teammates, and even the opposition!


6.Size really doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter whether you gain, lose or maintain weight, there’s always a position to suit


7.There will be concerns you’re in an abusive relationship

No amount of concealer can cover up the cuts and bruises from last weekends game

8.Finding jeans that fit will become a real problem

There’s no such thing as dainty little thighs in rugby, tight jeans are inevitable

9.You will know more about your teammates that you ever wanted to needed to

From bodily functions through to sexual history, absolutely no topics will be off limits


10.Most guys will actually love the fact you play rugby

And the ones who don’t aren’t worth worrying about anyway

11.Being hit in the boobs will always hurt

It doesn’t matter what size or padding you have, those big hits will always hurt


12.Fake nails are a no go

Anytime during the season even having long nails is pretty much impossible.

13.Communal showers aren’t a problem

The last thing you’re worried about after a game is how you looked naked


14.You will be forever known as a ‘rugby girl’

It’s like the mafia, once you’re in, you’re in for life

15.You’ll never regret it

Once you’ve joined a rugby team you’ll never look back