Here are 11 things you most definitely never ever say to a rugby player, no matter what level they play at;

1.Don’t Get Too Big

As if you could ever be ‘too ‘big for rugby.

Yes there is a point where becoming too big makes you unsuitable for a full 80 minute match, but unless you’re playing at the very top level you’re unlikely to ever get too big. Despite what some may claim these collisions do hurt so any extra muscle mass we can carry acts as extra padding.


2.All You Do Is Talk About Rugby

Of course you do, it’s the greatest sport ever!

It’s the game you love. You’ve grown up playing and watching it your whole life and you dedicate a good part of your spare time to it. It is something that therefore interests you greatly so it is only right you share your passion with those around you.

3.Doesn’t It Hurt?

What do you think genius?

Yes rugby players will act tough and laugh off huge hits but of course that 18 stone monster hitting you at full pace hurts. Rugby players aren’t like footballers though, they don’t feel the need to feign injury to win a penalty, they’d much rather focus on the mental battle and win that way.


4.So Do You Take Steroids?

What do you think? Idiot!

Yes rugby players may be bigger than most people, but that doesn’t mean we’re all pumped full of steroids. We workout and train hard which naturally increases muscle mass, and yes some idiots may inject themselves with everything under the sun but the vast majority wouldn’t even consider it.

5.I Used To Be Pretty Good Back In School

Funny that as you’ve never seen them down at the clubhouse!

It’s amazing how many of the people you speak to about rugby used to be ‘a bit special’ back in school, yet don’t seem willing to prove it out on the pitch. Rugby players would much rather spend time with someone who’s willing to actually step out and prove it than just talk a good game.


6.Rugby Players Are In Love With Themselves

Any why the hell shouldn’t you be?

In reality, no rugby players aren’t any more in love with themselves than any other sportsmen. However it is a sport that requires a fair bit of bravado, and for that reason rugby players may come across as being overly confident. Don’t be fooled though, in most cases this is purely for show.

7.Rugby’s So Boring Though, It’s Just A Load Of Big Guys Running Into Each Other

Ever heard of Jason Robinson?

This is a tired old argument used to put down rugby players by people who have never actually taken the time to watch one of the greatest sports in the world. Yes there are some big players, and yes they do regularly run into each other. But for every big collision there’s an exciting side-step or skillful offload.


8.Winning Isn’t Everything

Are you kidding?

Yes rugby may be a game full of good conduct and sportsmanship but anybody who steps out onto the field without the intention of putting everything into winning frankly doesn’t belong anywhere near a rugby team. The aim of the game is to win, and even the narrowest of losses will leave rugby players p****d off for days.

9.But Aren’t Rugby Players Fat?

And aren’t all football players fairies?

For some reason there’s a stereotype that all rugby players are fat. Yes in the amateur days there were a much higher percentage of players carrying a bit of timber, but this was still only a small number. The great thing about rugby is that it is all inclusive, players of any size and shape can join in and play a part.

In fairness this is actually a little bit of an ego boost for many players, but equally can become a bit tiresome.


10.That Looked Nasty, Maybe You Should Come Off?

Not a chance!

Never, I repeat never tell a rugby player they should leave the field. It’s in our nature to battle on until the very end, even if it means playing through the pain. Yes there are instances where we need taking off for our own safety but these are very few and far between.


11.I May Not Know Much About Rugby, But…

Stop right there!

Anyone who starts a sentence like this should just stop right there because usually it’s followed by some complete and utter b******t statement that is completely irrelevant. Until you’ve actually played the game yourself you have no right to comment on our performance.

*Fan Addition

12.You’re Too Pretty to be a Rugby Player

What annoying things do people say to you when you play rugby?