Functional Training is B******t!

|||Functional Training is B******t!


Functional training is a b******t term and if you adhere to the idea of functional and non-functional exercises, you might be hurting rather then helping your progress in the gym and on the field. Here’s why…




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Keir Wenham-Flatt is a professional rugby strength and conditioning coach with experience spanning 5 professional teams over 4 different continents. He is the current Speed, Strength and Power Coach for the 2014 World Club Champions the Sydney Roosters, and he has also worked with Los Pumas Argentina, London Wasps and Shandong Province 7s (China).Keir is the founder of the web's #1 provider of free strength and conditioning information for rugby players and coaches. Over the course of this series Keir is going to share with you exactly how to train for your playing position, using the exact same exercises that he uses with his professional and international players.