Online rugby manager game Director of Rugby (usually known as DOR) has been upgraded to a new version. We asked rugby fan and gamer Ollie West to take it for a test run and report back.

What is it Ollie?

It’s like the well-known football manager games really, where you control your squad, player trading, selection, finances, training and tactics. It simulates real teams, competitions and players.

And how do you access it?

You just login and play it online, nothing to download. And you are playing against other ‘real’ people. Matches are ‘played’ on Saturdays.


What does it cost?

It’s £2.99 for a year’s game play, so minimal really. And they offer a generous 60-day free trial period so you can check it out fully.

First impressions?

I have played DOR before but this version is much improved; very much up to date and as it’s online they can keep it up to date too. There are new features and it has a fresh feel to it.

Best bits?

Firstly, it’s the DOR challenge. You have a squad, which can be changed with loans and trading. But as the season moves on you get international call-ups, injuries, suspensions and citings, morale and fitness issues – probably all too real.

Secondly, the game has been designed so that what you actually do has a real influence on match results and your progress. You feel in control.


How long does it take to play?

That depends entirely on what you want out of it. It can be quick and fun (there’s even a one-click suggested team if you want it) but for keen rugby fans it is definitely engaging.

Would you recommend it?

Definitely. I’m still playing it.