The Rugby World Cup ticketing ballot has left millions of fans disappointed, but the emergence of resale tickets with an 82% mark-up is the real kick in the teeth.

With over five million applications for 950,000 tickets there were always going to be people left disappointed, however the emergence of re-sale tickets on StubHub already will leave real rugby fans with a bitter taste in their mouths.


The ticket ballot was supposed to be a way of ensuring a fair distribution of tickets, however the re-sale of tickets with an 82% mark-up shows just what a disaster this has become. The chart below shows the extortionate prices fans may now be faced with in order to get hold of tickets.


However, any England impatient fans could also be tempted into buying tickets online from second-hand sellers such as StubHub where prices for England’s games in Pool A range from £436 to £1,770.

There is a slight silver lining however, with more tickets set to be released next month with the following games likely to be included;
Every game at the Millennium Stadium (eight), Leicester (three), Leeds (two) and Milton Keynes (three) had unsold tickets, as did Australia v Wales and France v Italy at Twickenham, Samoa v Scotland and New Zealand v Tonga at St James’ Park, Ireland v Romania at Wembley, France v Romania and New Zealand v Namibia at the Olympic Stadium, and South Africa v Samoa at Villa Park.
However, they will be supplemented by tickets handed back by sponsors, foreign rugby unions and other official suppliers, which could yet include some for England games and knockout matches.