For the last couple of years I’ve found myself struggling to find a traditional cotton rugby shirt. There is no end of synthetic replicas but getting one to wear as a casual top seems nigh on impossible unless I’m willing to shell out a small fortune for something by Ralph Lauren.

Fortunately however I stumbled across Hoops Not Stripes, a new brand bringing back traditional cotton shirts at sensible prices. This is what they have to say about themselves;


Hoops Not Stripes is a British clothing brand that is known for its niche focus on creating beautifully designed casual men’s rugby shirts in classic and traditional styles.

Our rugby shirts are traditional in style and come in vibrant colours and contemporary designs. Our rugby shirts are lightweight, soft to the touch and produced in a tailored fit for a flattering look and feel.

With our niche focus, we offer our customers an ever expanding selection of traditional and old school style rugby shirts in original designs and fresh colour combinations all in one place.

After a look around the site I was convinced given the range and the passion shown by the guys behind Hoops Not Stripes and promptly had one sent my way, it’s fair to say I wasn’t disappointed.


I went with the ‘Dunluce’ which comes in a navy and white hooped pattern and proved to be exactly what I was after. The shirt is made from a light cotton that makes it comfortable to wear in almost any conditions and has enough stretch in it to fit comfortably around even the biggest of players.

The slightly tapered fit of the shirts mean they may not be quite right for those props amongst us who are on the rotund side, although I’m sure if you want up a size it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’m certainly not the smallest guy going and the shirt fit me nicely in a medium but didn’t drown me out like my old cotton school rugby shirt used to.

It’s fair to say I’m absolutely delighted with the quality of the Hoops Not Stripes shirt and will be looking to get myself a couple more asap. At just £39.95 a shirt you can’t go wrong so get involved with a great new rugby brand and show some support for a company providing something many of us have been crying out for by checking them out here.

You can check out the full Hoops Not Stripes collection here.