The Vodafone Fiji 7s team to contest the Gold Coast 7s was named yesterday after a wee bit of a delay. While there was no official reason given at the time it’s now been confirmed there was in fact a rather sinister reason for that delay.

It is believed two Vodafone officials, who had traveled to be at the team naming, realized just prior to the naming that one particular player in the squad chosen by head coach Ben Ryan to travel to the Gold Coast was actually also a Digicel brand ambassador – Vodafone’s great local rivals.


Thoroughly unhappy with the selection of this player within the team the two Vodafone officials took it upon themselves to demand the player be dropped from the squad.

It is understood Ryan refused to bow to their demands insisting politics of any sort should never enter into team selection, and offering to tender his resignation if he were forced to drop the player.
In the end good sense seems to have prevailed and the player remained in Fiji ‘s 12-man squad to the Gold Coast as selected by Ryan.


Do you think sponsors should have a say in team selections? (I think we already know the answer to this one).