The Australians have done it again in a repeat of the underarm incident with the British and Irish Lions set to play a test match in Australia against the Wallabies at the start of the 2017 British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand.

This is an attempt to recover costs from the 2015 Rugby World Cup year which will see teams play only a few home test matches compared to other years.


Isn’t this a kick in the teeth for New Zealand rugby fans who have had to wait 12 years for the British and Irish Lions to return to New Zealand and all the money and hype which goes with this massive tour?  I think this is cheap by the Wallabies as neither South Africa or New Zealand cut Australia’s lunch last year when they hosted the Lions.

Maybe the British and Irish Lions wanted to actually win a test match on their tour after they were thrashed by the All Blacks in 2005.

Anyway, is this the end of the British and Irish Lions tours to only one country every four years and each country housing their tour every 12 years?  This will surely start taking the novelty away from these tours if they are going to stopover and play tests in other countries on their way to their destination.  


It actually makes sense this game taking place with the Wallabies providing an excellent warm up for the tour and some money for the coffers, but as an All Blacks fan I feel a bit like a kid hosting a birthday who has to let his friends play with his new toys.

Should Australia host the British and Irish Lions in 2017 on their way to New Zealand?