In modern rugby it’s rare to find one player or team totally dominant over another given the increasing size of all players. Every once in a while however we have an amazing moment when a team or individual totally manshames their opposite number by making them look like schoolboys, here are our top 5 manshaming moments from rugby;

5. Erik Lund Scares Mike Phillips

It seems Mike Phillips was so scared of Erik Lund during their clash that he has run out of the Millennium stadium and away with any video evidence with all such evidence removed from YouTube. Here however is a still of the moment Phillips turned and fled from the Viking-esque Lund.

mike-phillips-impressionne-par-erik-lund-4. Shane Williams Takes Down Matt Banahan

Despite their being a 35kg weight and one foot height difference between the pair, tiny Welsh wing Shane Williams takes down England’s giant wing Matt Banahan when it seemed easier for him to score.

3. Simaika Mikaele Shamed by the Crowd

During a match between Vaiala and Vailele Simaika Mikaele performs a dramatic dive in a bid to earn his side a penalty only to be quite literally laughed off the pitch by the crowd in one of rugby’s most hilarious manshaming moments of all time.

2. England’s Manshaming Ireland in the Scrum

During the 2012 Six Nations Ireland’s scrum completely fell apart in a manner not before seen by the men from the Emerald Isle. Whilst they have since regrouped and formed a formidable unit the memories of this 80 minute man shaming versus a dominant England pack will live long in the Irishmen’s memories.

1. George North Picks Up & Carries Israel Folau

In one of the most iconic moments of the 2013 Lions tour of Australia, Welsh winger George North picks up Rugby League convert Israel Folau before slinging him over his shoulder and carrying him up the pitch leaving Folau helpless. Despite an impressive performance in the series Folau will always struggle to get over this manshaming.

What do you think is rugby’s greatest manshaming moment?

Here are some more great manshaming moments for you to enjoy;