Let’s face it, we all know playing rugby is bloody fantastic, but here are 13 reasons why it’s great being a rugby player…

1. We’re not afraid of a bit of banter


2. It instantly makes us more attractive to the opposite sex..


3. …like really attractive

girls4. I mean come on, even Hermione loves rugby players



5. We’re as tough as they come

smashed6. We make footballers look like fairies…


7. …and they know it



8. We can look good in anything

1393930_511877958912658_4027168952295999551_n9. Nothing can stop us!

Sam+Cane+New+Zealand+v+South+Africa+Rugby+GKK48-IyRobl10. Stories like this…

2014-08-31_16-34-5611. …and this



12. The camaraderie

GrandFinal0513. And because no matter where you go there will always be a community ready to welcome you with open arms

38730-atlWhy do you love being a rugby player?