Scott Fardy

*special thanks to Reddit user youmerugby for this post

For many years Richie McCaw has been seen as the ultimate pantomime villain in rugby, however could Australia’s Scott Fardy be about to take that crown?

Whilst McCaw is regularly accused of using his influence over referees and cunning, particularly around rucks, to get away with a number of infringements that most would be penalised for. Well it seems that Wallabies flanker Scott Fardy has been watching some highlights reels of McCaw after committing a number of sly offences during the Wallabies clash with the All Blacks in the first Bledisloe Cup match of 2014…


Fardy does a McCaw 1

Fardy is involved as a support tackler before slyly falling onto the NZ side of the tackle/ruck.

Fardy does a McCaw 2

Fardy is cleared off the ball in the ruck, has a second bite before going off his feet to slow the ball down.


Fardy does a McCaw 3

Fardy joins the ruck, hinges on a black shirt to enter from the side, use his hands and successfully slow down the ball.

Fardy does a McCaw 4

Fardy makes a good low tackle, swings back to his feet and executes a cheeky fake step in the path of Aaron Smith to buy a valuable second of time while his defence realigns.


Is Scott Fardy the new Richie McCaw?