This Rugby Player Has More Injuries Than You Can Imagine


Nigel Plum costs the panthers $1.5 k a year in tape, we’ve found the secret that finally made him half ok to continue playing…


The Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on the 31-year-old second rower who costs his team $1,500 a year in athletic tape alone. That’s right. It’s not uncommon to hear of career-ending injuries in any sport, but Plum has had scores of body parts broken while playing the game and he keeps coming back for more.

This list is staggering.


  • 10 concussions.
  • Fractured sternoclavicular joint, which causes neck pain.
  • Two shoulder reconstructions.
  • Supraspinatus tendonitis.
  • Labral tears of his shoulder.
  • Dislocated and broken finger, which required joint replacement surgery.
  • Damaged ligaments in two fingers.
  • Torn MCL.
  • Arthritis in knee, which can’t be treated by anti-inflammatories because Plum has Crohn’s disease.
  • Meniscus removed from both knees on three separate occasions.
  • Bone spurs removed from both ankles, with further surgery planned this offseason.
  • Arthroscopic surgery on his elbow.

Despite all this, Plum has 399 tackles on the season.





  1. i can relate. after 30 years at 2nd row:
    6 knee operations, including a total replacement (finally)
    busted collarbone
    2 shoulder replacements
    3 vertebrae (L-3, 4, & 5) fused
    retired several years ago. loved every minute of it. would do it all over again.

  2. I feel I have to ask this, because its stumped me for years, but when players have that line of tape that is bulked up, for example on his bicep in the picture in the article, is that a specific type of tape or just a bunch of tape rolled onto itself?

    • There are a few straps available for post shoulder reconstructions to restrict movement. The one that he has is the one that attaches to his bicep in a big thick strap (which they cover in tape so it doesnt undo)then a strap runs from under the bicep, across the belly (he has one coming from each shoulder) down to the opposite leg and straps up around his upper thigh.

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