Nigel Plum costs the panthers $1.5 k a year in tape, we’ve found the secret that finally made him half ok to continue playing…


The Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on the 31-year-old second rower who costs his team $1,500 a year in athletic tape alone. That’s right. It’s not uncommon to hear of career-ending injuries in any sport, but Plum has had scores of body parts broken while playing the game and he keeps coming back for more.

This list is staggering.


  • 10 concussions.
  • Fractured sternoclavicular joint, which causes neck pain.
  • Two shoulder reconstructions.
  • Supraspinatus tendonitis.
  • Labral tears of his shoulder.
  • Dislocated and broken finger, which required joint replacement surgery.
  • Damaged ligaments in two fingers.
  • Torn MCL.
  • Arthritis in knee, which can’t be treated by anti-inflammatories because Plum has Crohn’s disease.
  • Meniscus removed from both knees on three separate occasions.
  • Bone spurs removed from both ankles, with further surgery planned this offseason.
  • Arthroscopic surgery on his elbow.

Despite all this, Plum has 399 tackles on the season.