I’ve seen some strange media predictions for rugby results over the years – and made a few myself only to end up with some egg on my face. A case in point being England’s supposed Grand Slam match with Wales in Cardiff a couple of years ago.

I was left with a rather fetching yolk covered face mask on my visage as the final whistle went. Mostly pundits will base their forecasts on the teams involved (obviously), injuries, key match ups, recent records, where it’s being played and even the weather. All of which seem to me to be pretty sensible things to take into consideration when trying to guess who would be most likely to win.


I mean – what else could help you get it right? Step forward ‘World Rugby Shop’ who have devised a novel way to sort out the team with the right stuff to give their opponents a right stuffing –

How stupid of me – there I was thinking it might be something to do with players, tactics and motivation when all along it is, as they state on their site – “Let’s take a look at each of the upcoming matches and predict the winner based on the jerseys each group of supporters will wear.”


Apparently I’ve been missing something – which might well explain why I’m so crap with the various fantasy teams I choose – I should obviously select my team based on their sartorial elegance. However, I wouldn’t start using their site as a solid tipster venue just yet – they only got 2 out of their 6 predictions right in the JWC – so just maybe the colour of your jersey actually has fuck all to do with how good you are. Otherwise every team would be playing in black – which would make it a bit of a problem for refs and TMOs!