As rugby players we have to take the good times with the bad, with that in mind here are 13 struggles we all must go through that only fellow rugby players will understand;

1. The aches & pains the day after a game


Because who likes being able to wipe their own a**e anyway?

2. Finding a shirt that actually fits

baggy shirt

Why is it that props always seem to end up in tiny shirts and wingers in the baggy ones?


3. Pre-season


For anyone whose been through it, this point needs no explaining.

4. Calling the referee ‘Sir’ when he’s completely wrong


Even though every fibre of your body is telling you to call him an idiot you remember which sport you’re playing.

5. Choosing between a scrum cap or bleeding ears during winter


You either have to put up with cold sweat in a scrum cap or knowing that at the moment of first contact your ears will definitely split.

6. Initiation ceremonies


The less said here the better


7. Putting up with gobby players…


…especially the ones who wear the number nine on their backs.

8. Seeing the biggest b*****d on the pitch running straight down your channel


That realisation that the very best you can expect to do is act as a speed bump as you slow him down.

9.Wearing rugby studs in the summer


When the grounds harden up wearing those long metallic studs is like being strapped into a medieval torture device.


10. Cleaning kit during winter


You may only have been on the pitch for two minutes but you still won’t have a clue what colour your kit was originally.

11. Whether to go to the bar or hospital for medication

rugby beer

This is usually a pretty simple choice but sometimes if your arm is still barely hanging on you may have to make a tough choice…

12. Explaining the laws to non-rugby fans


It’s like trying to teach a pig to speak Latin, what’s the bloody point?


13. Finding touch judges


You wouldn’t have thought it would be so difficult to find two blokes to run touch given how many of the useless b******s always seem to be standing around…

What other struggles do you go through every season?