Jonathan kaplan

Retired South African referee Jonathan Kaplan has lamented the “general standard of refereeing” through the 2014 Super Rugby season saying it was “not not good enough for a competition which is on the global stage”.

The most experienced test referee of all time said “the work of the TMOs was a borderline disaster until the latter stages of the competition”.


“Something has to change,” Kaplan wrote. “Something has to give. Otherwise this game will continue to be dogged by controversy, and there is only a certain amount that can be swept under the carpet.”

Kaplan noted that the Super Rugby grand final between New South Wales Waratahs and the Crusaders was not without controversy, with “an incident … where it appeared as if [Nemai] Nadolo’s foot touches the line on his way to scoring the Crusaders’ second try”.


And he believes that his fellow South African, Craig Joubert, erred in awarding the match-deciding penalty against the Crusaders.

Kaplan said that Joubert otherwise contributed to the spectacle of the final because he “allowed the game to breathe” and his “composure under pressure was supreme”.