Vice-President of the French Rugby Federation, Serge Blanco has indicated he will not support the selection of Rory Kockott for the national team.

Blanco, who is currently overseeing Philipe Saint-André’s overhaul of the current French squad has taken aim at Castres scrum half Kockott and instead suggested the French should be focussing on French born players.


Kockott, who will be eligible for selection by the French national side in November, looked set to be selected by Saint-André for the Six Nations but could now be overlooked if Blanco has his way.

‘It would be serious to wait for one player like that,’ said Blanco. ‘I’m much more interested in our style of play and then we can look at which players can fit in.’

‘We have local players to look at, players like [Toulon scrumhalf] Sébastien Tillous-Borde.’


‘It’s a problem if a player chooses to play in a club where he is not guaranteed to start,’ he said.

‘We don’t want players who only come on for the last 10 minutes anymore.’

Do you think Kockott is too good to overlook or is it good to see Blanco taking this stance in an era of lax international laws?