Whilst a traditional rugby shirt may be the pinnacle of style, many rugby teams are these days embracing weird and wonderful kit designs which have resulted in the 13 worst rugby kits of all time;

13. Calvisano


Although the actual shirt itself isn’t too horrendous, the lengths gone to in order to accommodate seemingly every sponsor going make this pretty awful to look at.


12. Perpignan

Rugby Union - Heineken Cup - Pool Five - Leicester Tigers v USA Perpignan - Welford Road

Rivalling only Harlequins in their attempts to look most like court jesters, Perpignan really outshone themselves with this little number.

11. Stade Français 


Stade have become notorious for their brightly coloured shirts in recent years so you could pretty much take your pick from their current options. Whilst some may love them, for many rugby purists they’re just a bit too much!

*We’ve only included one Stade jersey for a bit of variation.

10. The Bulls


To be fair to the Bulls, to the right person this kit may be quite nice, unfortunately you’re likely to find those people in an outback somewhere very much alone.

9. Scotland


It may not be the worst design out there but an orange jersey for below pasty white Scottish faces? I don’t think so! (How Gow Wan of me).


8. Edinburgh

Edinburgh's Phil Godman and Nick de Luca with the loudest kit in rugby!!?

It seems this little number from Edinburgh may have been the inspiration for the latest England 7’s kit, so many colours!

7. Biarritz


Even the legend that is Serge Betsen isn’t enough to take away from the horror’s of this Biarritz shirt. It looks more like the designer let their two year old colour it in than anything else.

6. England 7’s


It doesn’t matter which colour it comes in, the 80’s-esque carpet pattern will just never quite look right. You can only hope that the trippy nature of the kit helps to put opponents off their game.


5. Bayonne


It’s hard to describe exactly what is going on with this Bayonne shirt as it looks like the sleeves of a normal rugby top sewn onto a 90’s shower curtain.

4. Austria


I’m all for tradition and promoting a countries identity in a kit, however we think even the Austrians will agree that this is one stereotype too far…

3. Canada


God knows what the Canadians were thinking with this monstrosity that looks more like it would be worn by a dodgy TV entertainer than an international rugby team.


2. Melbourne Rebels


The Rebels attempts at an indigenous jersey look more likely to give the opposition a seizure than anything else. It seems they were set the challenge of fitting as many colours into one kit as possible…

1. Ospreys


You have to wonder who in their right mind ever signed off this monstrosity? From the colours used to the pattern itself, everything about this shirt just screams no!

What do you think is the worst rugby kit in history?