Xtreme Rugby is Played at 15000 Metres Above Sea Level

Xtreme Rugby

Xtreme Rugby is played at 15000 metres above sea level and Total Rugby head to one of the 50 tournaments, this one in the Andes in Argentina.



Has anyone ever tried Xtreme rugby before?




  1. Do you know how high that is? Seriously doubt its at 15,000m

  2. I also doubted that they play at almost twice the height of Mt. Everest.
    For a reference, 15,000 meters above sea level puts you in the ozone layer. If you listen to the video, he clearly says 1,500m. The writer of the article messed up.

    That as
    high as Casper, WY or Albuquerque, NM. This is supported by the fact
    that they are obviously below the tree line. While that’s fairly high,
    and I imagine they get a fair amount of snow, I’m well over a thousand
    feet higher as I type this in my basement. You go even higher when you come up to the Aspen Ruggerfest.

    you are interested in such a tournament, and don’t want to go all the
    way to Argentina, there are tournaments like that all over the US.
    The St. Valentine’s Massacre (10’s) in Breckinridge is probably the
    highest at around 11,000ft. If you don’t like that altitude, the Snow
    Bowl in Kalamazoo, MI is pretty fun.

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