Fantasy Rugby App

The team behind In The Loose are looking to build the first fantasy rugby game for fans of clubs in the Aviva Premiership and we need your help!

We have lined up a brilliant design team, dedicated fans to manage the project and a whole team to ensure things run smoothly, now this is where you come in…

To get the game up and running before the new season kicks off in September we need your help to raise some initial funding to cover the initial build costs.


After scouring every corner of the net we’ve found an amazing team who have agreed to put the project together for £2,500 (we had quotes as high as £20,000).

Now this is where you come in, we have  set up a project on Kickstarter to get things off the ground and are hoping to raise the funds over the next week and a half to ensure we’re all able to get involved with a fantasy rugby game for the Premiership.

For too long fans of wendyball have had so many options when it comes to fantasy sports whilst us eggchasers have been left out in the wilderness. We are therefore asking as many of you as possible to make a donation of £1 (or more if you can spare) to ensure we’re ready to go before the first kick of the season.


We will guarantee that anyone who donates will have free access to the game for life along with a host of other amazing goodies like discount codes from sponsors and prizes for the winners. We’re also happy to discuss some other options for those interested in investing more extensively.

To get involved head over to our Kickstarter project below, check out the project we’ve pulled together and get donating. If you don’t feel you can contribute at this stage then please pass the project or this post on to friends, families and anyone else you can think of as we’re desperate to make this dream a reality for rugby fans.

Even if you’re not a Premiership rugby fan please do consider donating as once we have the application built we will be looking to roll it out to other competitions in the near future.

To get involved visit our Kickstarter project here!