The dubious penalty conceded by Crusaders flanker Richie McCaw in the dying minutes of the Super Rugby final handed the Waratahs the chance to seal the victory and fans plenty to debate post match.

The debate has centred around whether McCaw’s infringement at the breakdown was clear and obvious. Whilst fans are likely to fall on one side of the fence or the other based on team loyalties, McCaw has somewhat sat on the fence when discussing the incident.


“I guess when you roll the dice that is what can happen,” said the All Black skipper. “It’s pretty gutting really. Yeah [it was] 50-50, but in those moments, I probably should have known better really.

“I guess that’s what pressure and those sort of moments come down to. You have to back your D and perhaps I opened the door for the ref to make a decision and whether you agree or disagree that’s the way it was and unfortunately he kicked the goal. I’m pretty annoyed but I can’t do much about it now.”


One Crusaders fan certainly feels aggrieved as they posted the below diagram of the incident;


Do you think Joubert was correct to award the Waratahs the penalty?