Whilst rugby players often couldn’t look more different on the outside, deep down we’re all pretty similar meaning we all have the same thoughts at various stages during a game. Here are 11 thoughts every rugby player out there will experience at some point during a game…

1. Holy s**t that dude’s huge…


…you might be the biggest player on the pitch but there’s always some huge b*****d lining up opposite you, however that just makes you even more determined to bring him down.


2. What the hell did you do that for?


There’s always someone on your team who does something they’re clearly not meant to and ends up ballsing it up, whether it be a prop trying to kick the ball or the scrum half running into contact…idiot!

3. How did I end up here?


Whether buried at the bottom of an unexpected ruck or unintentionally breaking through the gainline there will be a moment when you wonder how the hell did I end up here?

4. That’s going to hurt in the morning


You might be feeling fine right now but you know that once the adrenalines worn off and you’ve woken up tomorrow that tackle is going to end up hurting like hell in the morning.


5. That’s it, this b*****d’s getting it now…


In the heat of a game it’s easy to get carried away and feel the need to flatten the guy who just hit you a little bit late….legally of course 😉

6. So who is this guy then?


There’s always that one player who unnecessarily aggressive or confident that has you wondering what the hell has made them this bloody confident?

7. Surely he’s not playing…oh wait…


During the warm up there’s usually someone getting involved who looks way too old, young or small to be playing but much to your surprise he ends up lining up when the ref’s whistle blows.


8. Yes ref, you’re wrong but I’ll still nod, agree and call you Sir!


During any game the ref always gets (at least) one decision so completely and utterly wrong that you can’t believe it, yet no matter how incensed you are you still manage to compose yourself and treat them with respect.

9. Yes ref, great decision!


As often as the decision goes against you it will also go with you (as much as you don’t want to admit it), these moments are always greeted with absolute glee, especially when you get a penalty 10 metres out.

10. I’m going to need a beer after this


It might happen two minutes in or in the 70th minute, but at some stage during a game you’re going to feel the need to head straight to the bar after the final whistle.


11. I bet nobody saw that!


Your one moment of glory during the whole game and yet not one person saw it leaving you with that sinking feeling that everyone will be left thinking you were totally useless!

What other thoughts do you have during a rugby game?