Rugby Fail

We’ve all been there, the middle of a game and suddenly we have a brain fart which results in us doing something completely stupid that is sure to earn a “d**k of the day” nomination. Here are 25 people who completely forgot how to rugby at the worst possible moment;

1. Ally Strokosch & Joe Ansbro forget how to celebrate

2. This guy who forgot to take the ball with him

3. This guy who doesn’t realise rugby players don’t fake injuries


4. This kid whose too busy running for his life

5. Sonny Bill Williams forgets to stay on his feet

6. Will Carling forgets to put the ball down

7. This guy who gets just a bit too cocky

8. Kurtley Beale forgets to stand up


9. The Japanese sevens player who got just a bit too excited

10. This guy who was too busy celebrating

11. This guy who missed a conversion right in front of the posts

12. This kid who got caught in a net

13. This Catalan player who forgot how to warm up

14. This guy whose scared of a rugby ball

15. Cory Jane forgot to use his hands


16. Nic White playing with giants

17. This guy who ends up kicking the ball backwards

18. This kid who uses himself as a human speed bump

19. This guys who ends up going in the wrong direction

20. This guy who uses his head as a kicking tee


21. These guys who get absolutely everything wrong at the line out

22. This kid who gets a bit too carried away in practice

23. This guy who thinks he’s in the Olympics

24. This mum trying to play with the boys

25. …and finally these guys