Tackling Problems

||Tackling Problems

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With not much happening on the rugby front at the moment I’ve sorted out a video of some tackles that didn’t quite go as planned –

It comes as a bit of a surprise that the spear tackle on BOD in the first Lions test in 2005 didn’t make the list as it should have been number one! It didn’t even get a yellow card much less the deserved 2 x reds.

(it’s at about 1 minute 36). Today it would have been referred to the TMO – NZ had won the ball so BOD was nowhere near it! On a lighter problematic note, Rich & I saw the World Cup final last night and only discovered later that Lell & Terry had watched TOWIE in the other room.


Terry had never seen it and had a very disturbed night and had to take extra pain killers this morning – serves her right. Okay, enough – I’m off to play with the grandchildren!


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