There was a weird article in the papers yesterday reporting that English athletes were supposedly worried about being booed by the Jocks at the Commonwealth Games –


I have considered this carefully, weighed up the arguments, trawled the internet for advice  and come to the balanced view that it is a complete load of bollocks! These are professional athletes for f**ks sake not a bunch of kindergarten kids in an egg and spoon toddle!

Rugby crowds are famous for taking the piss out of the opposition (and sometimes their own teams) – I doubt that Martin Johnson ever went crying to Clive or Bakkies to Heyneke asking what to do if the crowd called them some really nasty names.

Whenever we went to Wales or further west in England than Slough the crowd gave us plenty of stick – and indeed a fair bit of phlegm was usually deposited on us at one ground (best not to be on the wing there to be honest). Even nearer home the Sidcup crowd always made us about as welcome as Rolf Harris at a school prom.


Rugby supporters and, to be fair, some football crowds can be funny (and rudely suggestive) at matches – it is part of pro sport. So what if the Jocks do decide to get on the backs of the English team at the games? – the best thing to do is man up and beat them or at least have a good rejoinder.

One of the funniest I’ve heard was apparently at a cricket test between the Aussies and Zimbabwe – McGrath: “Why are you so fat?” Brandes  “Because every time I f**k your wife, she gives me a biscuit.” So guys get working on your best piss takes – I mean it’s only the sweaties for f**k’s sake! (bit racist?)