For those of you who are fitness fanatics, bodybuilders or even looking to pack on some muscle and get into shape for the new season, finding supplements to help you attain those gains can sometimes be a bit of a headache.

It’s always hard to get the balance right with being able to eat correctly, buy supplements and balance the books, so finding a sports nutrition brand who sell effective, tasty products at an affordable price is a must. From my experience, brand loyalty or sticking with the most ‘known’ brands generally isn’t the best bet, because you tend to find yourself paying horrendous amounts of money for minimal benefit.

Having 30 years in the sports nutrition market, Multipower Sportsfood are partnered with some of sports well-known teams and athletes; like Triathlete and 2012 Olympic Silver Medallist, Javier Gomez Noya, Cannondale Pro Cycling and Gymnast, Kristian Thomas. They have a range of products that are useful for energy replenishment, muscle gain or developing endurance and are considerably better priced than most on the market.

As an avid gym go-er I have used supplements for a year or two, but never stray further from Whey Protein, BCAA’s and the odd protein snack. So using Multipower Sportsfood Fit Protein drinks, 50% Protein Bar and Creatine made a change to my routine, and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the products.


Fit Protein Drinks-

The Protein drinks offer you two good servings of protein and are useful if you are looking to add lean mass. Already prepared, they make it quick and easy to drink pre/post workout and offer 53g protein per bottle, with minimal fat.

Banana- Nice taste and consistency. 4/5

Strawberry- Good taste, but a little sweet. 4/5

Vanilla- Not to my liking but again, an effective product. 3/5

These drinks certainly aided recovery and alongside the 50% bars and Creatine began to add lean mass.




50% Protein Bar-

Protein bars are a popular supplement for athletes and bodybuilders with their effectiveness, taste and handiness. Having sampled supposedly the best protein bars on the market, these were almost as tasty and beneficial. Low in fat and sugar.

Chocolate-Cream- Great taste with a good amount of protein, perhaps a little more protein would make the product even better. Well priced compared to others out there. 4.5/5





I have never used Creatine before, despite many people religiously using the supplement to help pack on some serious bulk.

Despite a little bit of muscle added, I’d never use Creatine myself, however I’m sure those who are interested or do currently use it should give this product a go. Reasonably priced. 3.5/5



Remember to speak to those in the know when it comes to taking supplements, like PTs and ensuring you eat well and drink plenty.

Thanks to Multipower Sportsfood for the supplements, they really do offer some fantastic, justifiable products.


For more information on their products, go to their website- or follow them on Twitter @MultipowerUK