Clermont Auvergne

Clermont Auvergne’s French internationals Benjamin Kayser, Julien Pierre and Aurélien Rougerie have been left hospitalised after being attacked in Millau.

The trio are believed to have been attacked on Saturday night by 12 men armed with machetes, knives and swords as they returned to a hotel the team were staying in.


The team have been in training camp in Millau and had been at a nightclub before the attack took place and resulted in all three players having to be rushed to hospital.

Pierre is believed to have suffered the worst injuries with cuts to his hip whilst Kayser and Rougerie both suffered injuries to their arms. 


The club statement read; “The whole club is both shocked and outraged by these incidents and is providing all the necessary support to the local authorities, who have opened an investigation into the attack to find and punish the perpetrators,”

“In addition to helping the players involved, the club is also contemplating legal proceedings.

“We will provide more information as soon as possible on the health of our players.”