Joining a rugby club is one of the most brilliantly traumatising things imaginable, from the initiation ceremony to the end of season tour, the highs and lows don’t compare to anything else in the world. However, without these ‘rites of passage’ it’s hard to feel you are a true member of a rugby club so here are the 12 rites of passage all rugby players must en(dure/joy) before truly claiming to be a member of the team;

1. The Initiation Ceremony


Every club has one, however until you join you will never quite know what trial you must go through in order to be considered one of the team.

2. Pre-Season


It’s hard to claim you’ve ever experienced all the highs and lows rugby has to offer unless you have been through a truly horrifying pre-season at a club.


3. Holding the Tackle Bags

tackle bags

At some stage or another we’ve all been the whipping boy of the team, out on the training pitch holding the tackle bags so that the 1st XV can make our lives difficult.

4. The First Rugby Tour

rugby tour

We all know the saying, “what goes on tour stays on tour”, no further explanation required.

5. The Kangaroo Court

kangaroo court

Who knows what outrageous fine you’re going to receive for this seasons misdemeanour’s, however you’ll soon realise that complaining only makes things worse.


6. Dick of the Day

dick of the day

It’s hard to claim you’re a true rugby player without at least once having received a ‘dick of the day’ award for doing something magnificently stupid during a game.

7. Being Smashed


No matter how big of a b*****d you are there’s always someone bigger. The day you become a true rugby player is the day that big b*****d runs through you like you weren’t even there.

8. Smashing Someone


In the same way that there’s always someone bigger than you in rugby, you’ll also find someone whose smaller, the day you steamroller them is the day you earn your stripes in rugby.


9. Man of the Match


Nothing quite compares to that feeling of being nominated for the man of the match award after one of those games in which everything seems to come off, don’t expect to live off the glory for long though.

10. Playing Out of Position


We’ve all been there, there’s only 15 players turned up and 8 of them are wingers, just pray to god that at least two props have turned up.

11. Wearing the Wrong Kit

12 clothes

Never be one of the last to turn up to a game as you’re likely to find yourself wearing a shirt that’s far too tight or even one of last seasons shirts.


12. Attempting a Drunken Haka


Everyone’s been there, it’s been a tough game and a few too many pints have been consumed to help recover and for some reason attempting the famous All Blacks war dance seems like a great idea.

Have you been through all 12 of rugby’s rites of passage?