There’s been a number of posts on the blog about refs – a lot of it taking the piss, but the truth is they are just about the most important part of rugby – and indeed, just about every sport you can think of ( although sometimes they’re called umpires, judges, scorers etc.).

The word ref can often be heard with an expletive adjective as a pre-fix but nevertheless you can’t have sport without them. Okay – you can in the park with jumpers for goalposts or a kick about in the street – but not once you are approaching puberty.


Alright so even that doesn’t work for a few I can think of, although you get my point – no ref = no game, usually, anyway. In rugby they don’t come in for the same abuse as in football – not from the players anyway. However there are times when it helps to be almost as hard as the players –

The great thing is that rugby refs pretty much all got up with a smile on their face! This is just as well as it’s sometimes hard to see the funny side of some of their decisions.