The four Welsh regions have offered the WRU the opportunity to take them over in a deal aimed at ending the current impasse as a matter of urgency.

The offer was made in a letter from regions chairmen Peter Thomas (Blues), Martyn Hazell (Dragons), Roger Blyth (Ospreys) and Nigel Short (Scarlets).


The offer was made as the regions admitted their current financial circumstances may force them to release players in a bit to cut costs as they stated “we will have to scale back on our playing costs and development.”

 The statement continued

“The alternative, which we have tabled before, but which you have always rejected, is that you [the WRU] makes a fair offer to take over the regions if you believe you could make a better job of running the same, although this is something you have refused to countenance previously.

“If it is of attraction, then it would need to be concluded rapidly.”

Short, Thomas, Blyth and Hazell added: “There will be clear consequences for the WRU in respect of the retention of Welsh players, with regard to release periods and additional international fixtures.


“For the regions we will have to scale back on our playing costs and development accordingly with the financial consequences that will have for us.

“Unfortunately that is the harsh reality of the situation we find ourselves in and the outcome of the existing relationship we feel we have with the WRU.”

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