Rich, Silvi, Annalia and Rafa have just arrived from Australia – so for the next three weeks the posts on the blog are likely to be shorter than usual (I knew you’d be pleased!). During a desperately close and tense semi-final in Rio last night Rich & I still found ourselves with just enough time (we must have been on  Kroos control) to chat about a number of current sport headlines (he’s sports editor for SMH).

We were laughing about the Suarez ‘Hunger Games’ and the ferocious treatment of Robben at the brutal feet of several 9 stone cub scouts, as well as some of the more suspect antics of Union players – including the reformed Danny characters (Care and Cipriani) and the current attempts by James O’ Connor and Zac Guildford to also behave well enough to re –integrate themselves into the national sides.


Rich pointed out that all of the incidents in football or Union are kids’ stuff in comparison to the NRL players in Oz. He mentioned a catalogue of incidents where players actually tweeted (twatted?) shots of themselves rather than waiting for the media or a ‘mate’ to make stuff public. I’ve added links to a couple here –


My own favourite is Konrad who distributed a video of an actress who appears to have lost her ‘99’ between his legs and is worried that it’ll mess up his pants

The NRL players seem to be able to supply an almost inexhaustible supply of stories for social and mainstream media and you have to wonder if they shouldn’t have the photo icon on their phone replaced with a ‘self- destruct’ button. Union players and footballers really need to up their game if they are to be able to compete in the ‘Idiot of the Month’ awards next season! At the moment they are starting to look about as dangerous as those boy scouts who keep savaging poor, misunderstood Arjen.