In the absence of much going on in NH rugby at the moment and the fact that most of my (rapidly fading) memories have already been catalogued earlier in this blog I have been searching for something to write about which might be of interest (some hope!).

I found this – a web site has compiled a list of the (supposedly) biggest controversies in rugby and it is worth looking at for a laugh –


Admittedly some of those in the list can be described as a big deal, there are some that are simply funny or hardly worth remembering. The really controversial incidents are several drug taking cases, ‘bloodgate’, the spear tackle on O’Driscoll in 2005 and proper biting – as opposed to the Suarez nibble. I suppose Marc Cecillon unloading a magnum (a .44 handgun not a choc ice on a stick) into his Mrs might also qualify as a bit unusual but, to be fair, it wasn’t during a game so maybe not.

I would have thought they could come up with more than a bit of dwarf chucking, calling the RFU “old farts” and Lois Luyt’s stupid speech to make up a decent list though. A fan attacking the ref in South Africa and Trevor Brennan battering a fan make the list – although it is somewhat surprising that there have not been an avalanche of similar incidents over the years – I can think of numerous refs and supporters who could use a good slap!


The best one though has to be the bookie encouraging Epi Taione to change his name to Paddy Power by deed poll – not sure who it was , maybe Ladbrokes? When the 2007 organisers refused to put the new name in the programme Paddy and his mates had the whole Tongan team dye their hair green – this is true, it’s number 23 on the list. Overall there are some on the list that just don’t belong under the heading ‘controversial’.

I think I might have to make up my own list for Askeans at some point – with our glass eating team being included near the top, obviously. One final thought, since when did carrying a lethal weapon to a party become a de rigeur accessory? Marc is out on parole now, but I suspect it probably isn’t that good an idea to ask him.