I spend quite a lot of time taking the piss out of the forwards and in particular the front row – something I would never have dreamed of when I was in the changing room (or anywhere within punching distance). From behind a keyboard it is relatively safe and I can troll away with impunity.


Truth is, the forwards I played with spent a lot of time looking after us ‘girls’ in the backs – especially me – although that never did protect them from our predatory sense of humour (not that they understood or took much notice of us most of the time) I found this video clip of top tries by front rows and add it here as a tribute to all the great number 1, 2 and 3s I played alongside.

Thanks to Chas, Kip, Rupert, Lunny, Sean, Doggy, Daisy, Scrapper, Brewster,Tom, Kieran, Peety, Jobber, Millie, Oaksey, Vic, Mad Dog and many others who I was lucky to wear the Askean shirt with (that’s figurative – we each had our own, obviously)