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The Women’s Rugby World Cup starts next month in France and it’s going to be on TV. If you haven’t watched any Women’s rugby you should take time out to see some of the matches. Sky Sports will show 13 live matches, including all of the England games.

You might be surprised, not just at the high levels of skill and athleticism but also at the big hits (no pun intended) that the girls put in. They take no prisoners and I have high hopes for the England team. Players like Emily Scarratt, Danielle Waterman, Heather Fisher and Maggie Alphonsi are seriously good – you can see the full squad  at


The Black ferns are tasty too (again no pun intended) and are just as serious about the game as the All Blacks! I’d also like to mention an ad developed by ‘Always’ entitled ‘Like a Girl’

– It’s worthwhile and worth seeing – they could do a lot worse than sponsor Women’s rugby and the England squad. Unusually for me I have resisted taking the piss today – Women’s rugby is no laughing matter – take time out to watch it and you’ll see what I mean.



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