The Sydney Convicts have made history, becoming the first ever gay rugby team to win a professional-level match

Taking to the Allianz Stadium in Sydney today, the team thrashed Macquarie University 30-12 in an opening match, becoming the first gay rugby team to play at a professional level, and the first one to win.


Convicts star Jason Fowler – who himself quit Macquarie after he came out – told ESPN: “Playing at Allianz is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the entire team is extremely proud and excited to be making history.

“For me, I’m amazed by how my life has come full circle. Just two years ago I was afraid to come out of the closet to my team-mates.

“Now I’m playing against them on a gay rugby team as part of a professional sporting event. The guys from my old team obviously now know that I’m gay, and they have been very supportive – which has really helped me accept my own sexuality.”


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