Nick Cummins

The news that Australian and Western Force winger Nick Cummins has been granted an early release from his Australian rugby contract has come as a shock to many. What many may not know though is the reason behind his decision.

It is being reported in Aussie rugby news site GAGR that Cummins decision to request a move to Japan boils down to difficult family circumstances. Nick comes from a family of 8 siblings raised by a single farther in rural Queensland.


The family are going through a particularly tough time at the moment with two of his siblings suffering from cystic fibrosis whilst his father has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

As you can imagine the family is under significant strain currently as outline by Nick himself in the video below;

It is therefore pretty understandable Nick feeling the need to seek to provide the additional financial support available by joining a club based in Japan.


It is also yet to be confirmed how long Nick will be away from Australian rugby so we could be seeing him back in Green & Gold before too long. I’m sure you will wish Nick all the best on his new adventure as he looks to support his family back home, and hopefully he might be able to provide his own unique insight into Japanese rugby in the meantime!

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