Chris Ashton has come in for a lot of stick regarding his showboating and refusal to run round under the posts when scoring. Even when touching down for the last try in the second test he couldn’t resist diving extravagantly – despite the fact that the game was already lost and there wasn’t much to posture about. The criticism isn’t just that we don’t like show-offs it’s a real fear that he will f**k up and drop the thing – and that he seems completely oblivious to the need to make the conversion easier. Here are two short clips – one showing what can happen if you get too flash


– the other is the consummate debut of Julian Savea as an All Black –

Ashton would do well to look at both carefully – let’s hope he takes lessons from the All Black – 23 tries in 22 tests is a tad impressive! God help us if Ashton were to drop the ball when it really mattered – like next year!