Let’s face it, rugby’s a pretty brutal sport, and with that physicality comes a high risk of injury. In fact it’s pretty rare for players to come out of a game with at least some bumps and bruises. Unfortunately every so often we see an injury on the rugby field that requires more than just a few pints to help you get over. Here are 13 of the worst rugby injuries of all time.



13. Piri Weepu

Weepu had his right ankle twisted as he was tackled after attempting a chip through in the 44th minute and was stretchered off.

12. Martin Groenewald

South African schoolboy Martin Groenewald snapped his leg in two places during a match that was televised live across the nation.

11. Cameron Ciraldo

While tackling a Sharks player in a 2 man tackle, Cameron Ciraldo gets his foot trapped under team mate Mark Taufua’s leg.

10. Lachine Munro

The Lyon utility back the most extreme case of a split lip many rugby fans will have ever seen.



9. PJ Vermeulen

The Qirquas fullback traps his leg in a bad position leaving him screaming on the floor.

8. Lewis Moody

The Bath flanker resumed his career despite suffering permanent eye damage in an October 2010 collision with Gloucester’s Charlie Sharples.

7. Jharal Yow Yeh

The Brisbane Broncos player suffers a horrific compound ankle fracture.

6. Jonathan Thurston

The Queensland player suffers a horrific knee injury after being taken out by a team mate.


5. Mathieu Raynal

Raynal, 31, got caught under two Racing Metro players during their 17-15 victory over Montpellier Friday night.

4. Morgan Stoddart

During Wales’ opening World Cup warmup test against England in August, the Scarlets’ back suffered a broken left leg that required surgical repairs.

3. Beau Robinson

The Queensland Reds flanker suffered an elbow dislocation in May 2011 when his arm got twisted like a pretzel during 17-16 victory over the Crusaders.


2. Drew Mitchell

The New Zealander collided with opponent Scott Higginbotham in April 2010 and suffered a dislocated ankle and leg fractures requiring surgical repairs.

1. Hamed

Hamed, a rugby player, collided knees with an opponent and suffered a terrible injury breaking his patella in two.

subc6pj0yv7rlcbk20xlWhats’ the worst rugby injury you have ever come across?