We in the Northern Hemisphere have been treated to a fantastic season of rugby that culminated in the June internationals. Whilst there’s still plenty of rugby to come in the form of the Super XV, Rugby Championship and ‘the other code’, things just aren’t the same.

Here is the 9 stage process of grieving the end of the season for us rugby fans in the Northern Hemisphere;

1. Denial


There’s still Super Rugby right?


2. Pain


How can this be happening? Why you?

3. Anger


How can they do this to you? Why isn’t rugby played all year round?


4. Depression


What the hell are you supposed to do all weekend? Why even bother?

5. Contemplating Cricket


Well you need something to help me pass the time right?

6. Contemplating ‘The Other Code’


Don’t be silly, you’re clearly going delusional with all of this stress!


7. Cricket


Actually watching or playing cricket to help alleviate the boredom.

8. Reconstruction


You begin to find other things to do with your weekends, life is out there!


9. Hope


The new season’s just around the corner, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

What stage of the rugby grieving process are you in right now?