I’m a bit worried about the BBC (mind you, who in their right mind isn’t?) – but, I think they may have been harshly criticised and demonised.  Okay, so we had  the Saville affair, the £100 million waste of licence payers money on a bungled digital project, grossly  inflated salaries for incompetent management, stupid fees paid to half -wit ‘talent’, ridiculous pay-offs, expenses that make your eyes water and various other things that wouldn’t be tolerated even in a badly run commercial operation. Oh yeah and the terminally dull pundits who will be partying in Rio (at our expense) long after the team have flown home.

But now, something that can’t possibly be their fault – they’ve lost all communication with New Zealand! Apparently England U20s won the JWC this morning – I know I watched it on Sky Sports. It’s also all over twitter and other social media – brilliant. It seems, however, that the BBC have spent all their available funds on getting people pissed in Brazil and simply can’t afford to bell anyone in Auckland to find out if anything mildly interesting might just be going on down there. I just watched the BBC News at 1 – not a mention – they did manage to have interviews with Steven Gerrard and Roy Hodgson, to show England missing an easy run out at Headingley and to let us know that Lloyds (which I thought we owned) are flogging off TSB – although there was no mention of how much I can expect as my taxpayer’s share of the dosh.


However, there wasn’t a peep about us actually winning something on the world stage. I checked the BBC News website – the sport bit also has several items about football – more about how well it’s all going for Roy and the boys in Samba City, West Brom signing someone (presumably a footballer) and Mark Lawrenson predicting results for a lot of countries we now don’t give a fuck about. There are also two sections on a ‘live update’ about a Grand Prix practice session – yeah – ‘practice’ not even the bleeding real thing. In addition. we are also usefully informed that Andy Murray will be playing Goffin at Wimbledon – although I thought he wrote songs and that he’s just died (Goffin not Murray, obviously).

Elsewhere on their News Website there is a wealth of vital information – sunbathing may be addictive, some dead rapper’s musical got mixed reviews and songwriter Gerry Goffin has died (oh that Goffin!). Perhaps I’m being just a tad pernickety – maybe winning a World Cup isn’t that important to the blokes at the BBC whereas the Uruguay football team having their caramel spread seized by Brazilian customs is something that is vital to boosting our breadth of knowledge (I didn’t make that last bit up by the way!). I simply can’t wait until it’s time to fork out on my licence fee again – be nice if they didn’t piss it all up against the wall again next year.