I was up early, had a plod round the block –figuratively anyway– it’s actually a fairly straight line to the Shell garage and then an even slower plod back the same way – I don’t mean backwards, obviously. I then had a fun couple of hours watching the rugby – think we might have been a tad misled by the media and expert pundits who have us as a shoe-in for the WC next year. I suspect they might have meant a shoeing!

Anyway it’s been a long season and we can but hope – meanwhile I found an interesting article which should give you a laugh – if you can make head or tail of it, that is. Apparently there are eligibility rules for the Olympics to do with which passport you carry – which seems pretty straight forward to me – assuming it’s your own, and not one you bought from a fat bloke in the Duke’s Head, obviously. Although I imagine you might get away with a half decent forgery depending on where they are having the tournament.


Anyway, I understand there are some interesting implications for the 7s in Rio. As far as I can make out, where you were born is totally irrelevant and as long as you haven’t played for a country for 18 months at 15s or 7s then you can play for whoever is willing to bung you a passport. An example given is that All Black Sitiveni Sivivatu can play for Fiji in Rio – or indeed possibly France if he becomes naturalised – maybe even GB – hopefully his passport application is one of those in Teresa May’s backlog (not a euphemism) – at least we could pretend it is (his lost passport not the euphemism!).

This conundrum can only add to the fun which already exists with international rugby having f**k all to do with where your maternity hospital was built. It wouldn’t surprise me if, come the 2027 World Cup, every international side will be pretty much made up entirely of huge blokes who wouldn’t look at all out of place wearing a sarong. Not that you’d dare to take the piss out of them! An added advantage is that these guys are used to the heat – which will be handy as the World Cup is likely to be in Qatar by then.