The rows about the TMO usage in rugby continues unabated – to be fair there wasn’t that much yesterday to go on about – Mike Brown’s try looked a bit dodgy and the Wallabies moaned at length about a ‘try’ they weren’t given (and they call us whinging!). I would have thought that they should be a lot more worried about the plethora of empty seats in Melbourne – perhaps the fans had an inkling of how exciting the game would be! The ARFU are concerned about finances – they have to compete with more popular sports down there – and are worried about how they can afford to keep guys like Izzy from the clutches of Toulon.


I think I can help them on the money front – stop giving away those stupid gold berets to anyone who might turn up. Although to be fair they look a fucking sight better than those unbelievably tacky red and white bowler hats that the Sun dishes out every time we are about to be embarrassed at football. Seriously, if you want to look a complete prick apply for one of those fucking reality TV programmes – ‘I’m a twat , get me out of here’ – you’d still look less of an idiot than in a Sun bowler. I’m hardly one to talk about stupidity, I’ve actually watched some of the World Cup and to be honest I think they could use a dose of the TMO. In the opening game there was a bloke in yellow called Fred (I know not very Brazilian – but maybe he is totally hirsute). At one point I thought one of the protesters had broken into the stadium with an AK47 – Fred went down in the penalty area like he’d been caught in the cross hairs (although probably not – if he does in fact sport a Brazilian).


It was like a poor ‘Chris Ashton’ tribute act and understandably the whole of Croatia was up in arms (not much change there then). If football had a TMO even a combination of Ray Charles, Helen Keller and David Blunkett would have spotted that Fred was making a bit of a meal of it – a canapés, three courses, Chateau Neuf du Pape, coffee, mints and bottle of port type meal! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2095425-did-fred-dive-to-win-brazil-penalty-vs-croatia-in-world-cup-opener FIFA have defended the Japanese referee, Steefie Wunder San saying he had been “justified in awarding the penalty”. FIFA again said that the ref, Senor Jaun Eye, in the Mexico v Cameroon game did a ‘spiffing job’ – probably not using those exact words though. Personally, I feel it is important to defend the integrity of FIFA in all things – anyone who voted for the 125 degrees and high ‘terrorist risk’ in Qatar has to be beyond reproach, obviously.