As a forward there will always be things that I can never understand about backs, here are 9 of them;

1. Why some of you wear scrum caps?


It’s going to take more than an accessory to make you more like a forward.

2. That little dance you do


This is rugby, not bloody ballet!


3. Kicking!


Just keep hold of the bloody ball, we’re fed up of having to go and get it back for you.

4. Why is your kit always so clean?

giphy (1)

It’s like you don’t do any of the hard work…….oh…….

5. Hair gel

giphy (2)

You’re playing rugby, why do you need a quiff?


6. Running around people

13 big hit

Why not just go through them?

7. All that time you spend just standing around

giphy (3)

What exactly is it you do whilst we’re rucking and mauling?

8. Why all the talking?

giphy (4)

If you actually did something you wouldn’t have to tell us all about what you did during the game


9. Why you make us run so much

giphy (5)

Don’t you know we’re knackered from doing all the hard work?

FORWARDS, what is it you can’t understand about backs? BACKS let us know what you can’t understand about forwards for our follow up post…