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BigBen Interactive announced last April, the development of a new game of rugby at the end of the year 2014, PS4 and Xbox One but also the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita, without revealing images or videos but at this E3 2014 we got to see the game for the first time in the company of the publisher. Rugby 15 is developed by HB Studio, which is already occupied the Fifa Ultimate Team Mode for EA Sports and several sports franchises, and it is the largest license from the publisher today.

The game features officially licensed leagues such as the Top 14, Pro D2 Rugby Aviva Premiership or with real team jerseys and the official names of the players. While the side sections it is similar modes official competitions such as the 6 Nations tournament, the nations of the southern hemisphere and the European Cup clubs. In addition, it is also possible to create your own leagues and cups.



The Gameplay

The demo version was on a PS4 but not advanced, we have not been able to know exactly what percentage was in development. Visually, the game does not equal a Fifa but the attention to detail is still taken into account in particular to vary the gameplay. For example, depending on the climate and time of day, it can have an impact on the game; with the rain the ground is slippery, not favoring support, direction and strength of the wind must be taken into account penalties or drops. The objective of this game of rugby is to provide accessible gameplay in the controls without neglecting the essence of the discipline. For example, when mixed and takedowns to win the ball, a mini-game is to measure the right stick on a curve and validate a trigger occurs before your opponent. The passing game does not is not as intuitive as the rule is mandatory to perform a pass and movement of his player may be offset from his teammates. This is probably due to a bad habit and control adaptation to this particular gameplay. Defensive phases are fairly simple by the fact that your teammates automatically flatten the ball carrier when it is within range. During a match, it is also possible to select offensive and defensive tactics using the directional pad as seen on most sports games. Another important point of rugby is the penalty kick. To do this, the principles of the gauge and the choice of the path will be similar to a swing in golf games taking into account the data about the wind.



The Environment

The proposed cameras are standard with traditional TV mode but it is also possible to opt for a view behind his players to get a better idea of the positions of the opponent. Visibility player is near and can see that they can get dirty as and when the meeting or see those who are tired to replace before observing injury. Regarding the sound, the crowd reacts to the actions and commentators are obviously present and in theory, the French Canal + presenters will be on hand. Regarding multiplayer, Rugby 15 is playable up to 4 local players and there will be no online mode, the studio preferring to concentrate on the basic game this year. Like Fifa, it will be possible to monitor the results of its friends and send messages.

A monitor for fans

Rugby is underrepresented in the gaming and BigBen trying to take the land on this field worldwide. It will be their largest to date license and their desire is really to provide an annual rugby game with improvements and developments over the years. For this first jet, Rugby 15 has the merit of offering the fundamentals of rugby with official licenses and should satisfy fans. Nevertheless, there is still much work to fix a large number of visual bugs and AI but we are promised the best before its release. Lovers of rugby should follow with interest the development of the game that will be available by the end of 2014 on next-gen consoles and earlier.

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