If I had a hat I’d have to eat it – obviously a ‘pork pie’ titfer would be preferable!

I called the game badly today – totally Pete Tong in fact.

In more than one post – www.rugbyoldbloke.wordpress.com – I have set out my concerns re fielding an inexperienced team against the All Blacks. After this morning I take it all back and am preparing to change the name of this blog to ‘stupid old bloke who knows f**k all about rugby’ in order to protect me from being prosecuted as being in contravention of the trade descriptions act.


England played with intensity and no little ambition – all of my calls were wrong – Freddie and Kyle didn’t look out of place in that arena and I thought the forwards were immense.

Sure there were mistakes, but they were playing the world champions – a side who are unbeaten since 2012 This includes a number of games against the Springboks and Wallabies – but not v. Samoa, Fiji or Tonga – a fact which shames the NZRFU!

Stuart Lancaster has built a very strong squad one with significant depth – you have to hand it to him – which is more than I can say for Nigel Owens! If he is the best ref in the world – what the fuck are the others like?
The coaching team now have a selection problem – one in direct contrast to what faced them this week. I fully expect them to bring in many of the guys who were delayed because of the Premiership Final. He will have a formidable side and a very strong bench – lots of guys held their hands up and it augurs well for the future.
The All Blacks will get stronger – but then so will England.

I’m off to get some pickle and find a chapeau – with a bit of luck it will be a ten gallon and I can drink it instead!