Most of the world watches on as rugby players collide at speed for 80 minutes wondering why the hell we bother. There will be elements of the game they understand and appreciate, but some parts where they question our sanity. Therefore here are 15 things that only rugby players will understand;


1. Wearing shorts and flip flops in any conditions…

10 flip flops

…it’s all about the comfort after all!

2. The horror of 7’s season…
11 7s

…is it possible to ever be fit enough?

3. Finding clothes that fit…

12 clothes

…clearly fashion designers haven’t heard of biceps and quads!


4. The satisfaction of making a huge hit…

13 big hit

…they’re even better than tries!

5. Sweating¬†uncontrollably even after a shower…¬†

14 sweating

…because it’s impossible to cool down after 80 minutes of running round like an idiot!

6. Staying away from the old guy…

15 old guy

…somehow ‘experience’ seems to bring out the dirtiest side of a player.

7. The aches and pains on a Sunday morning…

1 pain

…although who wants to be able to wipe their own arse anyway?


8. Shaking hands no matter what…

2 Hand shake

…you may have been trounced and beaten up all game but you sure as hell shake hands, no matter how awkward.

9. Battling the urge to scream during an unjust penalty…

3 silence

…respect is more important than revenge (that comes later anyway).

10. Pretending to not be hurt…

4 not hurt

…for we are men!

11. Agreeing with the referee, even when he is wrong…

5 sir

…for he is the Sir and therefore always right!

12. Beer cures everything…

6 beer

…at least until Sunday morning!


13. The panic once you’ve broken the gainline…

7 panic

…where’s the bloody support….

14. …and the dread of breaking through when you’re still in your own half…

8 long run

…I have to run how far?

15. Dealing with other players who think they know more about your position than you…

9 banter…do they not realise how important you are to the team?

What is it that only you as a rugby player understand that nobody else can comprehend?